Tiny Houses & Vehicles for Change



I think the first time I ever got hooked on the idea on punch needling was when in primary school, where I watched TV Media (yeah it was my dream to order stuff from TV, including food blenders, bedazzler, etc) and saw this little device that was called the Perfect Punch. I’m not sure if that’s where it first started but I haven’t been able to find that exact product since.

Years on, 2018 specifically, I saw a tutorial which featured embroidery using something called a punch needle! It’s apparently super easy and all you need to do is keep punch the fabic with the thread and it creates little loops on the back side and stays there. I haven’t been successful with DMC thread but I got a kit on Taobao and been doing one with yarn and monk’s cloth.

Here’s some punch needling goodness to get you hooked as well πŸ™‚

Jikka House

I’ve been watching Extraordinary Homes on netflix and of all the many spectacular homes, this one made my heart leap and soothed it at the same time.

While I always dream of buying my parents a place that helps them live well in old age and with dignity, this architect built it for his mother.

And that’s just too amazing.

The cedar planks on the outside make it look like a model of magical woodland creatures’ homes. Or if 5 out of the 7 dwarves moved to Japan.

The eclectic interior decor works so well, but it’s the bath that got me. Japanese baths are already awesome – but this one, spirals down gently and creates such a soothing swirl that I feel relaxed just byΒ looking at it.




This short film on inclusivity amongst children is so heartwarming. It never feels good to be excluded, even amongst the neurotypical. Differences are everywhere but if they were not given so much emphasis, each individual could be… just… well… individual.

Read more about the film here.