Is this the moment?

Yesterday’s night turned out to be a totally unexpected one!

Cindy dated me out for dinner a month ago and I was touched by how thoughtful she was. To remember my birthday so way in advance that even I didn’t expect.

But the truth was, that she was involved in a superb plan. One that I had been bugging Immanuel about, and accused him of not doing anything.

As much as I profess to not like surprises and need to know some things ahead, and even sometimes pride myself for being able to smell surprises, this really caught me off guard. WELL DONE HUNNY.

After our lobster dinner at Pince and Pints, she brought me to Everton for desserts. Not being a dessert-lover and having had a really filling and satisfying meal at p&p, I obliged, thinking that I was doing her a favour by accompanying her for desserts. At the dinner, when I saw her busy texting, I even reassured her that she could concentrate on texting and not worry about having eye contact with me since I wasn’t saying anything. Funny how ironic that situation was, given that I was absolutely clueless.

As we were walking along the blocks at Everton, I told her many random things.

  • That there are a lot of indie shops in the area.
  • That there the shop selling the handmade dok was there.
  • That Immanuel and I went to a coffee/ice cream place at another block and it was good. Imagine what was going through her mind!

Despite being part of the secret mission, she listened and answered me actively.

Oh I even told her that Immanuel’s friend lives in the area and the decor of their house was awesome, but the celing was low. Just absolutely clueless about the surprise.

Then I noticed some light further down. Assuming it was the 7-month burning of incense and paper, I didn’t think much of it.

  • Then I saw that they were tealights.
  • And there were fairylights hanging down like vines.
  • And there was a performance going on.
  • We’d better not walk right into them.
  • But that person with the mic and guitar was Immanuel.
  • And Cindy stopped walking with me.
  • There were cards with beautiful handwriting. With the fairy lights.
  • But surely it isn’t Immanuel’s right?
  • There was baby’s breath. Everywhere.

Last night’s events are mainly a blur. I remember walking straight up to Immanuel and turning back to Cindy asking her why she stopped walking. To which I think she replied, “Oh should I walk with you?”.

Then coming face to face with my man, I was thinking, “Wow. The song is long and I don’t know where to look.” Also remembered wanted to turn back to read the cards that I skipped along the way. But it would be rude to the handsome man serenading me. But it’s also rude to not read and appreciate the decor whoever did up for me.

I also remember complaining that I had a stye in my eye and I didn’t have any make up on. Then flashes of Jiejie at home came to my mind. And Emily’s suggestion at after party on Friday, of putting concealer to cover it up came to mind too. But it’s ok I guess, many ladies look pretty oily in their proposal videos. Now I’m part of that group 😉

Doesn’t matter because he’s seen me at my literal worst. In appearance and in mind. I cried and cried in that period where I was so burnt from teaching and asked if he would still want to be with me when I was so crazy and depressed. He reminded me of that somewhere in the talking under the fairylights. But before that, he sang our song. We decided on that. That ‘Love is Waiting’ was gonna be our song.

I could write a million songs about the way you say my name. I could live a lifetime with you and then do it all again. Like how I can’t force the sun to rise or hasten summer’s start. Neither should I rush my way into your heart.

I remember wondering who all these people were, behind the cameras and light. Some Immanuel’s friends/ex-colleagues, all equipped with their talents and gadgets.

And this one person who was holding a red iPad case that totally obscured her face. Had her hair tied up so I couldn’t recognise my Cherlynn. Who was really happy for me but cheesed off that she was informed last minute. Can’t believe a few hours earlier, I was just texting her to tell her that Gudetama has an instagram account and she asked if I was free and wanted to hang at shiny. The autocorrect version of Dhoby.

Sister was being weird at home, trying to get me to put make up in spite of my stye. And forcing me to change out of my comfy h&m dress. She also claimed to need to check some settings in my phone and shifted awkwardly around my room to not let me see. After a while I was just too suspicious of her that I didn’t let her have my phone anymore. She ended up with carousell and airbnb on her phone in order to follow through the lie. But her attempts to get Cherlynn’s number from my phone were unsuccessful and she only managed to do it after I left and she searched my defunct iPad.

Somewhere in Immanuel’s singing I mouthed – is this the moment? To which he replied, ‘it is!”. It was that point that the tears started flowing and did not stop.

— We always had situations where Immanuel would get down on one knee and tie his shoelaces and I’d jokingly ask him “IS THIS THE MOMENT?!”, to which he would gamely reply and look for the imaginary coke can tab.

But this time, it was REAL.

And this is the one he put on my finger.

A natural spinel with a purplish pink tint, sitting on white gold engraved to look like branches. Just the way I love it. It’s so beautiful and I love him so much for respecting that I really want something special and natural looking. Ladies are so blessed to be pampered this way. If I ever complain that he doesn’t pamper me, please slap me and show me the ring on my finger.

So, with that, I am now the fiancee of Mr Immanuel Caleb Goh ❤

And this is the best friend who did so many things without me knowing and even suspecting a thing! Thank you for all the time you put in for the decor and ferrying things around. Love you forever 🙂

The bouquet that Immanuel put together himself, with the help of his mama.

The wonderful people, most of whom were hiding on the third floor. The closer people in CG, Christine and Isaac, Cherlynn and Desmond, Jansen and Tanya, Buddy, Ron and Cindy.

They offered to clear up the balloons, lights, decor, music equipment while Immanuel and I spent time alone after. Funny thing we did straight after. He brought me to take a look at his friend’s apartment at Everton. They were in the midst of work but welcomed us nonetheless. Nothing like building up a faith picture of our home straight after the proposal! I would recommend that!

@seriouslyicecream at Everton was extremely sweet to us and let Immanuel and friends use the toilet and gave him Iced Water. They also gave us a free scoop of any ice cream of our choice to celebrate with us 🙂

We cooled down at their quirky little store and headed home after that. I made some instant noodles for Immanuel at home as he didn’t have any lunch or dinner that day. :O oh the sacrifice and love.

Immanuel explained to me that he had this planned all the way in April. Actually, after analysing the dates, it was in March. On my first day in Malacca for the IC Trip. I guess one thing good that came from that was this 😉 The first people he asked were my parents. He brought them out to a nice dinner on 11 March to get their approval.

He then roped so many of them in as early as months before. And they endured my rants and tried to give me objective responses whenever I brought up my dissatisfaction with his passivity with regard to this topic.

Like when I met Christine for dinner months back.

Like when I mentioned to Buddy that I’ve been bugging him about it.

Like when I aired my insecurities to Cindy about this.

Also when Immanuel and Jemz snuck off to an odd toilet break after our late dinner at the star.

And there were two chatgroups cleverly disguised at CG Outing and some SIA event.

So much work went into this and I thank all of them for their love 🙂

Such is the wonder of Kingdom friendships. And I’m so thankful for each and everyone of these people who have wished me their blessings. Those present last night, those who are dear to me but were not there, and even those who have congratulated me even though we are not close.

thank you friends, thank you family, thank you Immanuel, thank You Jesus.

thank you


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