Kway chap 

Blk 16 Market & Food centre

Used to eat this every weekend for a while. Reasonable and the owner accedes to papa’s request of swopping random parts out for more big intestines – just the way I like it. But mommy said that their noodles are getting too sticky. So they brought me to the one below last week.


Blk 58 Bedok South Hawker Centre.

Noodles really less sticky and nicely thin. The big intestines here are also pretty clean and delicious. Perhaps just that the soup has a slightly herbal kick to it – which I don’t usually like.

Living in Punggol for the past 7 months has turned out to be really enjoyable. But if there’s one thing I miss about living in a mature estate – it’s the high quality hawker fare. Awesome thing is, it’s just a short drive or uber trip down to Bedok.



Naengmyun – supposedly the best but no refreshing kick and an overload of bibim sauce. I think they are better known for the mul naengmyun than the bibim naengmyun. We tried another version but that didn’t even come with the side cold soup.

My mouth is watering as I’m thinking about that tangy vinegarish taste in the clear cold soup.

Yomoda Soba

I could never get sick of soba. Pastas, yes. Rice, yes. Healthy carb options, yes. But soba, no. This one’s from Yomoda Soba at the Japan Food Town at Wisma Atria (near the foodcourt).

I ordered the tenzaru which included interesting tempura pieces. There was chicken, and even braised pork. However, the batter was extremely disappointing and if I were to return, it’ll just be noodles for me.

It has an interesting light colour. Not quite used to it, but apparently its made freshly in their kitchens.


So glad that we’ve found a group of friends to enjoy our time with. I’ve been trusting God for a while for kingdom friends and they are just such a fun group to hang out with.

We went to a number of places in JB, with J planning our itinerary. It started with Indian Muslim breakfast, a 3 minute walk to a Curry Fishhead place, then a stop at a bakery for some banana cake, Ice Cream, massage for some of the girls, Escape Room for the rest of them and this dinner.

I hadn’t tried loklok before and was told that it usually comes with a special sauce. We didn’t get that but this was good enough for me. Meat on sticks – what’s not to love?

We had so much food there – crabs, chaota beehoon, char kway teow, rice, and some other dishes. Stuffed was an understatement – but it was a well-stuffed day 🙂