This year’s birthday began with brunch at Punch. We loved the decor at this (Japanese?) brunch place. The staff here recommended the espresso over tonic water and it was good even to me!

But as usual, no coffee for me so I got a fruit drink. They got my order wrong and I ended up with this refreshing pineapple slushie. It worked for me as it was such a cute little green thing.

We shared a Reuben,

And a weekender toast with eggs and smoked salmon. The ikura was the highlight, because anything with ikura is a sure umami case. And umami is undoubtedly the best taste there is.

We just love spending time in cafes and dreaming about our home together. I’m swayed by every pretty detail in the cafes that I’ve been to and I just want to incorporate every wooden and tile-y thing. So glad that Immanuel is the same so that makes two swaying people.

Address: 32 N Canal Rd, Singapore 059288
Tues-Sun: 8am – 6pm


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