I think the first time I ever got hooked on the idea on punch needling was when in primary school, where I watched TV Media (yeah it was my dream to order stuff from TV, including food blenders, bedazzler, etc) and saw this little device that was called the Perfect Punch. I’m not sure if that’s where it first started but I haven’t been able to find that exact product since.

Years on, 2018 specifically, I saw a tutorial which featured embroidery using something called a punch needle! It’s apparently super easy and all you need to do is keep punch the fabic with the thread and it creates little loops on the back side and stays there. I haven’t been successful with DMC thread but I got a kit on Taobao and been doing one with yarn and monk’s cloth.

Here’s some punch needling goodness to get you hooked as well 🙂


PaperBloomsSG Workshop 1

Today I taught a friend and her 2 friends how to make the basic ranunculus and a pompom. It went pretty well!

Time management was always my issue in teaching but I didn’t expect my workshop of the planned 2 hours to go beyond the buffer of an extra hour and stretch to 5! We were all in need of major stretching by the end but the joy of seeing a pretty handmade product is priceless.

I really enjoyed setting up and prepping the materials and equipment. My sweet spot, perhaps?

Maybe my years in teaching was meant to culminate in this. I still love preparing English resources too though.

Paperblooms bouquet drafts

I’ve been working on a couple of bouquets for loved ones and the process of learning how to wrap them has been pretty fun.

A white ranunculus, a mini red one and a red bud, with black wrapping

A pink ranunculus, white mini one and a white pompom, with white wrapping.

4 peach/pink ranunculi, with white wrapping

15 peach / pink / white ranunculi and pompoms with white wrapping.

These flowers make me so happy.

2 paper flower things

I chanced upon this interesting read on paper flower history this morning.

And… I think I might have just found my favourite-est (because there’s no superlative that’s that super) crepe paper flower artist yet. #paperflowergoals



About 2 months after I thought of a name for my paper flower brand, PaperBloomsSG, I find myself struggling to keep up with orders from my close friends. They’ve been so supportive and sweet to request paper flowers from me.

I’m still working on my production system – it’s easy to do 1 or 2 and perfect them, but in bulk, the control is more difficult to be consistent.

While that’s an ongoing challenge, here’s yesterday’s fringe flower, a bunch I tied up for a friend (who got 8 sets from me!), and the big bunch that I’ve worked out over the past few weeks. Immanuel’s guitars as props for the bunch and props for our living room.