Korea 2014

Seoul has a special place in my tummy. I went there for the first time in 2012 and wasn’t in a great state. Tried my best to enjoy myself but I honestly can’t remember very much, except that I flew back alone to attend my convocation.

With its safety, cleanlines, good food and advanced technological infrastructure, it’s very similar to Singapore. Perhaps that’s the reason why I enjoy it so much. It’s home away from home with a tinge of newness.

When it’s just the three of us, the itinerary is always planned around food. I like some landscape here and there but food is ALWAYS the priority.

Cherlynn passed me an excellent guide that she used when she went to Korea and she’s always THE person I trust when it comes to food. Many of the good food I ate in Seoul was recommended by her, including:

1. Tosokchon 

Something about black chicken that makes me feel so nourished. Both soups were so thick and the ginseng taste wasn’t took overpowering

2. Hanchu fried chicken 

Not salty enough for my liking, but has a very ‘real’ marinated, gingery, non-msg taste
Same chicken coated with chilli sauce. Not my favourite style
One of the best fried things in the world. Minced pork stuffed peppers.

3. Tokbokki at Tongin market 

Never looking at tokbokki the same way again.


4. This gimbap place in Myeongdong

5. Jeonju Bibimbap


Bossam – something Cherlynn recommended and was pretty tasty though I’m not a fan of cinammon


6. Bean’s Bin

Did some googling when I was there to bring my mummy and sister to somewhere new and found these:

Afternoon Tea 

A hidden tea place near Ewha
Warm scones in the cold weather


A homey  eatery in Sinchon

Not a fan of the noodles, bibimbap was alright, soup was soothing


A BBQ place in Hongdae

Always fun to eat from a tin like t


A beautiful sight to behold – thinly sliced beef on a long, long platter



A hearty Seollongtang

Our favourite. All day, err day.


A lunch place in Hongdae recommended by the Club Clio staff


Simple and yummy dishes, especially the raw beef bibimbap


Mummy pampered us by bringing us to Samwon Garden. We felt that for the price paid, we could have had more/better beef elsewhere.


Cute little bites that feel kind of like Kueh Bahulus

Green tea bingsu at the basement of Lotte Myeongdong’s coffee street

Eunice mentioned Isaac toasts before


Took a guided day trip out to Nami Island and Petite France

Apparently nearby was where dakgalbi started. I concluded that it isn’t my favourite Korean dish.


So was this gomtang. Located in Myeongdong with many many years of history. Searched high and low and missed it on many occasions. After all that effort, it turned out to be as tasteless as it looked. I could not understand why it was so packed and so expensive! 10,000 won! More expensive than our very tasty seollongtang at the other place.


We went to the Hello Kitty cafe. The entrance was pretty magical but everything inside wasn’t too impressive. I also had one of the worst cramps of my life in there that the mother and sister had to go search for a pharmacy to get painkillers for me because I could not move. Will always bring painkillers with me from now on. Such an unnecessary hindrance to what could have been really enjoyable.


Pancakes! One with mungbean, another with japchae filling.


A fake hanbok neoprint place in Insadong (Cindy joined us for a few days!)