Bangkok 2017: Day Four

Today’s breakfast at Cabochon was the tops!

I’ve never seen a more delightful looking breakfast that’s the perfect blend of east and west. I love bacon and I love fish sauce. The ‘mueh’ or rice in soup fish was perfect. Just like the fish soup we have back home, with the freshest tiny little oysters I’ve ever had.

The pork soup was fantastic, with small intestines and fresh lean pork. The vegetables in it was fresh too – looked like kangkong and some exotic looking textured leaves which had a crunch to it.

The sweets were exceptionally pleasing to my tastebuds too. The butter must’ve been some high quality brand or simply used generously – the cakes were so dense and buttery. Even the sliced bread with butter tasted flavourful.

After packing our bags and taking a look at the pool,

(nothing to shout about but its Cabochon’s pool so I’m biased) we went off for a long walk to Ekkamai. Underestimated the walk there – especially since we were in the hot sun for a long while. Gave up 4/5 of the way after we passed by Suppanigga Eating Room and took a cab down for the remaining 1/5 as we got a bit dehydrated.

We found this place, Unfashioned Cafe, which was a tiny little establishment next to its vintage/international shop.

Refuelled by the cakes and drinks, we walked on to Ekkamai Macchiato, and then to One Ounce for Onion.

We skipped Macchiato as it smelled of cooking kitchen oil, and skipped the pricey products at Onion.

The exterior of Macchiato looked like a house. We had to squeeze through many cars to get in – strange.

The coffee, according to Immanuel, had a smoky flavour to it. I can’t drink coffee so all I could do was admire the store layout and takeaway cup design as usual.

We promptly made our way to Suppanigga Eating Room for lunch after this. It was wonderful. The prawn wanton I wanted had run out so we had these crabmeat and pork cakes stuffed in crab shells.

The rice with crispy fish was yummy but the pad thai with crab meat was dry and too tomato-ish. The Tom Yun Kung was the winner and the beef shank salad was delicious as well. We paid around 1400B+ for this meal – expensive by Bangkok standards but worth it in my opinion. I would have traded the Pad Thai for more crabmeat pork cakes though.

We ended our day with a foot massage at Health Land EkkamaiΒ as it was near the cafes we visited. We wanted the therapeutic massage but the only slot was at the time we had to leave for the airport. So we settled for the foot massage at 350B each for an hour.

Immanuel said that the technique for Health Land and Watergate spa was on par, but Health Land won for ambience. I still preferred the Watergate spa as the aunty was so loving – She put my head on her lap as she did the head massage for me. That said, its an unfair comparison as it was two different massages.

So our preferences:

1. Health Land – for ambience, price and comfort with technique

2. Watergate Spa – for technique, price and convenient location just opposite Platinum Mall

3. At Ease – would not go back again, perhaps it was the timing and just our masseuse. Very popular amongst Japanese tourists though.


Bangkok 2017: Day Three

We started the day with the hotel breakfast. Today, I decided to jazz it up and make my own Thai fusion bacon sandwich. It was seriously on my mind when I woke up.

Toasted bread, loads of butter, cucumbers, fish sauce, a sunny side up egg and BACON. Loads of BACON. We had the porridge again, this time a more watery version with shrimp.

After lazing a little more, we checked out and made our way to Cabochon.

This hotel is just breathtaking.

We got the simplest room available but that itself was amazing. The little features – the vintage tub, sleek bed, burlap blinds, made the whole place so quaint.

There was also a shared living area which was just so pretty.

We decided that we had to come back the next time.

I even managed to squeeze a manicure at Rain Hill before checking in. And Immanuel spent some quiet time at Pacamera, also at Rain Hill, which is about a minute’s walk from the hotel.

Just a few minutes walk from Phrom Pong station, this place has the quietness of a hipster hotel, yet is extremely convenient.

Our trip to Chatuchak was pretty fruitful with some sandals. But these were the highlight:

The spicy glass noodle salad was soooooooo refreshing and delicious! Slightly spicy as I didn’t want another case like the mango salad I had at Platinum. Tears at a food court – embarrassing.

It rained quite a bit but we managed to take cover indoors. We lost interest very quickly and took a train to the New Rot Fai market at Ratchada. Quite an easy route from Kamphaeng MRT to Thailand Cultural Center MRT

We didn’t really buy anything but this was worth the trip down πŸ™‚

Immanuel loves seafood done this way and we had this ‘All Sea’ small set at just 399B. Not really cheap but definitely far cheaper than options at home.

So inspired to eat like that in our new home!

We ended the night with a massage at At Ease, very conveniently located near Phrom Phong BTS. We both did a 1.5 hour foot massage + foot scrub + head massage for 680B each. However, we both felt it paled in comparison to Watergate Spa. Maybe our masseuses were too tired.. We ended our massage at 11pm. Nevertheless – ending a long long day of walking (in the rain no less) with a foot and head massage is an awesome thing to do πŸ™‚