I forgot to cancel my subscription after the $0.99 for the three months promotion so now I’m frantically enrolling myself in classes to make full use of my subscription fee this year.

Amongst the many other classes that I enrolled myself in, Yasmina Creates stood out for me with the attractive colours and easy to follow videos. It also looks simple and relatable – perfect for beginners like me.

I haven’t got any watercolour material with me now but just watching the videos makes me itch to get my hands on some again. Well, maybe next holidays… for now, it’s lesson planning.







I read this today – The Lovely Avenue

So inspired by The Lovely Avenue. I follow her on Instagram and am amazed by all the crepe paper blooms adorned with real foliage. If there’s any level that I want to reach, it’s this. Still a long way to go, and I pray that this won’t be one of my fleeting interests.

Screenshot 2016-10-16 10.34.22.png

I read an interview with Margie Keates on this page and just got even more inspired.