Paper Blooms

I just had inspiration on a possible name for the paper flower project I’m intending to work on. I wish I could say I was actively working on it, but space has been a major constraint and it’s making me even more excited to get my new place.

Instagram: paperbloomssg


The ImmHwei Adventure: Part 1

On 19 November 2016, I got married!

To this wonderful man. Love this shot of our excited faces, double-chins and all.

Until we receive the official photos, we’ll just have to rely on friends’ and families’ shots to relive our special day.

@dedronfc did such a wonderful job doing up the fresh flowers for the day and making my crepe paper flowers look even prettier!


‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ chairs, featuring fresh flowers by Dedronfc, handlettering by Cherlynn, and crepe flowers that I made



Most faithful and loyal  ❤
Most understanding  ❤

Loved the hand bouquet that Dedron did as well – they incorporate three of my crepe flowers, into the white and maroon peonies, along which beautiful foliage. It was heavy but everything I wanted in a bouquet.

For more photos, here’s our wedding hashtag: #immhweiadventure

I read this today – The Lovely Avenue

So inspired by The Lovely Avenue. I follow her on Instagram and am amazed by all the crepe paper blooms adorned with real foliage. If there’s any level that I want to reach, it’s this. Still a long way to go, and I pray that this won’t be one of my fleeting interests.

Screenshot 2016-10-16 10.34.22.png

I read an interview with Margie Keates on this page and just got even more inspired.

Today’s flower

It’s been a long time since I worked on a crepe flower. Especially since I now have someone to handle the flowers for me. So blessed to have that settled because I can’t see how I can churn out so many flowers – not in this marking season at least.

Marking’s getting on pretty slowly but I’m determined not to let my usual self take over 😉

Here’s what I worked on today:

Photo above features the steps I take, backwards. Ain’t nobody got time to check the sequence of a photo layout in the midst of marking.

Another 3 more days and marking is done. Post-exams madness. And then, the wedding!