Practiced my Courtesy Script again after watching Beauty and the Beast as I ate my breakfast.

I absolutely love this. Beauty and the beast, Cinderella, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, are really Disney Classics that I can never get tired of. They’re just full of hope and dreams.

Been wanting to jot down snippets of my dreams for fear that I may lose them soon. I used to have plenty. Ambitions, goals, dreams – whatever you call them.

I started Hope Alethia with the hope of having a sustainable business which married my interest in creation and design and having the money to help and support causes for women and children. However, it could not be sustained as I simply ran out of money. And probably, the interest too. And lacked the resilience to sort out all the administrative processes that had to be in place for a successful business. I still have stock scattered in my room reminding me of how it just died, but also reminding me that I once had the drive to pursue what I wanted – as a varsity student no less. Not many did that. While I would classify that as one of the things I failed at, I still have the hope that the brand would make its comeback as my many interests still have not died.

I am still supporting two children in Zambia and Ethiopia, and I do support A21 from time to time. So in that sense, I do have to remind myself that the dream has not completely died. It’s just… I don’t have the right resources right now to be the ‘starter’ of an organisation that does these.

Right now where I am, I am appreciating the financial stability which allows me to continue supporting the causes I feel for. And while it may seem really tough and meaningless at times, it really does give me money. Not as much as others, but more than many others.

I want to dream again and I want these dreams to stay in my head and in my heart.