Kuala Lumpur

The last time I was at KL was in 2011. With a bunch of 10 fellow CNM honours friends, most of whom I’m no longer in contact with. And another trip just a few weeks or months down with a group of girlfriends whom I fondly call the MSG/HDL girls because of our common memories made over food.

This time, its with my NIE batchmates, an amazing group of foodies who are a great support in this difficult profession.

Three noteworthy food places to visit if you’re there:

1. The breakfast thieves

2. Shin Kee beef noodle specialist

So good, I had 2, while the friends shared a 2nd bowl of beef ball soup.

3. Village Park Restaurant Nasi Lemak

So glad I announced that I was” not gonna share”

Others worth noting:

4. The eatery our Grab driver recommended when we asked him what was good at Jalan Alor. Turned out really yummy but not special nor mind blowing like the others above. It was a typical good zichar. We scrambled for seats and sat precariously under a tree. Witnessed bird droppings landing right on our table but was quickly cleared away by their excellently efficient cleaning staff. We waited about an hour for our food and while it didn’t disappoint, we don’t think we’d wait for it again

5. The view from our Airbnb apartment at Platinum Suites (The Face)

We didn’t manage to swim as we fiercely went about having good food, but it sure was a well needed time of relaxation.

Back to work tomorrow though its the September holidays, and I hope it all pays off with this batch of students.



So glad that we’ve found a group of friends to enjoy our time with. I’ve been trusting God for a while for kingdom friends and they are just such a fun group to hang out with.

We went to a number of places in JB, with J planning our itinerary. It started with Indian Muslim breakfast, a 3 minute walk to a Curry Fishhead place, then a stop at a bakery for some banana cake, Ice Cream, massage for some of the girls, Escape Room for the rest of them and this dinner.

I hadn’t tried loklok before and was told that it usually comes with a special sauce. We didn’t get that but this was good enough for me. Meat on sticks – what’s not to love?

We had so much food there – crabs, chaota beehoon, char kway teow, rice, and some other dishes. Stuffed was an understatement – but it was a well-stuffed day πŸ™‚