PaperBloomsSG Workshop 1

Today I taught a friend and her 2 friends how to make the basic ranunculus and a pompom. It went pretty well!

Time management was always my issue in teaching but I didn’t expect my workshop of the planned 2 hours to go beyond the buffer of an extra hour and stretch to 5! We were all in need of major stretching by the end but the joy of seeing a pretty handmade product is priceless.

I really enjoyed setting up and prepping the materials and equipment. My sweet spot, perhaps?

Maybe my years in teaching was meant to culminate in this. I still love preparing English resources too though.


I’ve been struggling with the concept of impact. Particularly in my previous career. I found too many relationships too fleeting and I couldn’t reconcile it with what I’m doing.

After so long of struggling with esteem, purpose, meaning, and just not being too pleased with the comparison of who I am and who I want to be, R summed it up in this quote she handlettered for me:

And I take heart that in the midst of all the voices of accusation that shout that I should’ve done more, I had one extremely sweet girl who got me a little bag because she saw that the one I used at work was stained.

If the 4 years I had spent, putting my heart and soul, tears and all, had amounted to this, well, I think I have succeeded.